2024 Track – CA Winter Championships Track & Field Meet

The 2024 California Winter Championships track & field meet, held on February 3 at Arcadia High School, showcases high school athletes who qualified at all comer meets held throughout the state during December and January. Athletes compete unattached because the official CIF season has not started. The meet is presented by VS Athletics and co-sponsored by Finished Results and PrepCalTrack. The order of track events is below (we will cover Pentathlon and Field events as possible between track events) – CLICK ON THE TIME CODE TO JUMP TO THE EVENT:

00:00:00 Meet Schedule
00:00:13 60M Hurdles Boys Pentathlon
00:00:00 60M Hurdles PRELIMS (Boys, 8 heats)
00:25:59 60M Hurdles Girls Pentathlon (2 heats) MEAGAN HUMPHRIES MEET RECORD
00:28:51 60M Hurdles PRELIMS (Girls, 10 heats)
00:48:58 Winter Champs 2023 Recap
00:53:35 60M Dash PRELIMS (Boys, 31 heats) – Upper split screen
00:55:10 60M Dash PRELIMS (Girls, 22 heats) – Lower split screen
02:05:36 1500M Run Finals (Girls, 4 heats)
02:30:20 1500M Run Finals (Boys, 4 heats)
02:55:16 60M Hurdles Finals (Girls, 2 heats)
03:01:52 60M Hurdles Finals (Boys, 2 heats)
03:12:37 60M Dash Finals (Girls, 4 heats) MIKAELA WARR MEET RECORD HEAT 4
03:20:30 60M Dash Finals (Boys, 4 heats) DEMARE DEZEURN MEET, STATE, NAT’L RECORDS HEAT 4
03:30:25 Distance Medley Relay Finals (1200-400-800-1600) – (Girls)
03:39:40 Distance Medley Relay Finals (1200-400-800-1600) – (Boys)
04:13:20 150M Dash Finals (Girls, 12 heats) MIKAELA WARR MEET RECORD HEAT 12
04:44:22 150M Dash Finals (Boys, 20 heats)
05:30:35 1000M Run Pentathlon (Boys)
05:36:00 800M Run Pentathlon (Girls) MEAGAN HUMPHRIES MEET RECORD
05:39:53 600M Dash Finals (Girls, 7 heats)
05:55:01 600M Dash Finals (Boys, 10 heats)
06:19:02 4x200M Relay Finals (Girls, 2 heats)
06:34:50 4x200M Relay Finals (Boys, 3 heats) OAKS CHRISTIAN MEET RECORD HEAT 3
06:48:15 4x800M Relay Finals (Girls)
07:00:00 4x800M Relay Finals (Boys)
07:11:50 300M Dash Finals (Girls, 13 heats) PAYTON SMITH MEET RECORD HEAT 13
07:43:15 300M Dash Finals (Boys, 16 heats)
08:22:40 3000M Run Finals (Girls) SUMMER WILSON MEET RECORD
08:35:30 3000M Run Finals (Boys)
08:54:30 Sprint Medley Relay Finals – (Girls, 2 heats) (100-100-200-400)
09:02:10 Sprint Medley Relay Finals – (Boys, 2 heats) (100-100-200-400)

Live results and meet entries are available at:


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