Mens 5000m – Oslo Diamond League | Yomif Kejelcha & Jacob Kiplimo | Bislett Games 2023

The next stop on the Diamond League circuit is at the Bislett Games in Oslo. They have assembled some of the world’s biggest track and field stars in the 5000m. Conditions were pretty warm though, above 25 degrees celsius in the evening.

Let’s first dive into the 5000m, here the top field competitors on the starting list are Jakop Kiplimo and Yomif Kejelcha. Jacob kiplimo is the bronze medalist in the 10000m in Tokyo and of course the Half marathon world record holder since 2021. He also won the world cross country championships in Bathurst Australia earlier this year. Yomif Kejelcha always runs solid 5km times and almost broke the 5k WR on the road in Lille this year in a time of 12:50.

Besides these two men we have strong outsiders like Luis Grijalva, the 24 year old from Guatemala who set a PB earlier this year in 12:52 & Haile Bekele from ethiopia. And Paul chelimo the silver medalist in Rio and bronze in the Tokyo olympics. There was also wavelight technology in place. Let’s go to the video!

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