Allyson Felix Break Silence About Jamaica & How They TREATED HER…

Allyson Felix Break Silence About Jamaica & How They TREATED HER.

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  1. 3

    Allison, thank you for visiting our lovely country Jamaica. I am thrill to hear that you n your husband enjoyed yourselves n look forward for more visits to our little Island. We (Jamaucans) have always loved n admired you. We cheered for you too. I wish health, prosperity n love for you n your hubby. Long life❤lots of blessings my dear. Wish I had seen you too.

  2. 9

    I always loved you, from they called you chicken leg, but then Felix the cat was always in the Ally (Ally-son) looking for a chicken leg, until you became a trail blazer, a turkey leg, love and respect to you I sister the family is Out of Many One People.

  3. 11

    There are no place on earth like Jamaica! Thank God for our beautiful, bountiful, little paradise Island.
    Jamaica is known for its hospitality,
    Love,kindness and nuff respect shown to our visitors.
    Continue to let that love light shine
    Glad that Allison felt that love!
    After all we are one blood,we are all from the motherland.
    When we show love and
    others we are blessed also.

  4. 12

    If Allyson Felix was Jamaican, Jamaicans could not love her anymore. A real queen of the game. Real personalities transcend nationality. One of my favorite sports personalities of all times. Phenomenal…

  5. 13

    You gave us a run for our money and have broken our 💔 on many occasion . And as long as Jamaica was't in the race you had our support, but we always had love for you and your talent❤❤

  6. 26

    Allyson is my favorite American athlete. Always cheering for you on and off the track. Love your sportsmanship (especially to our Jamaican athletes) and even though you are more than just an athlete ( a great intellect) you stayed humble. Big up to all the Jamaicans who made you feel love and welcome ❤️. Much love and blessings to you Allyson 🙏🏽❤️🇯🇲

  7. 33

    From her first competitive race against Jamaican athletes 🇯🇲 she was adopted,you could see her embrace whether she win or lose how genuine it was, over the years I believe strongly Jamaican athletes make her a warrior and the track like wise . As a Jamaican born and raised I always tell my wife that #AllysonFelix is the only American athlete Jamaican loves they respect others but she’s always going to their favorite if a race is running and there’s no Jamaican in that race bet assure Jamaican will cheering her on 👏👏👏👏👏

  8. 34

    All jamaicans track fans love Alison as a athlete and a person. But we use to cheered against because we knew she would be the one gonna beat our girls. But outside of that nothing but love and respect for her #legend

  9. 35

    Come on girl Jamaica land we love I am a born Jamaican but whenever time you see athletes like you it is nothing but respect you are welcome every time anytime in the land of Jamaica tough love

  10. 36

    Great competitor she beat Jamaican all the time but one of jamaican people favorite on love American athletes she is a super star we love you girl God bless you on your family's always ❤🌟

  11. 38

    Allyson Felix is really humbled,I always like her under any condition. She was not like the rest of athletes them, they always trying to give the Jamaican athletes a very hard times. Using insulting words towards the Jamaican athletes them, because they are living into a bigger country. They always strongly believes that they are better than, the Jamaican athletes them. All of them is coming from poor families just like the Jamaican athletes them,it was always feud and. The teaching of the black people that is living in the United States, they strongly believes that. That they are the better black people in the world, which is not true at all.They teach them that the United States is America by themselves and, America is a continent.I have now saw it on Google maps that is only two countries in north America continent and. The rest is in the Caribbean islands, also central and Latin America. Which is not true, because there are only 7 continents in the world and. The Caribbean islands also central and Latin America is not a continent.So I would like to know which continent Jamaica is in, because I grew up knowing that it is situated in north America continent. I am just using this info to broaden the scope of the readers,to show them the kind of hypocrisy. That is why the United States athletes them,is always trying to have some feud with the Jamaican athletes them. Because they are taking the Jamaican athletes them as inferior to them,but Allyson Felix never seeing it like that,she was always humbled. That is why she was so loved by the Jamaican population, she is always welcome by Jamaicans people,ok.

  12. 39

    I'll APOLOGIZE to start off, but I'm gonna be honest TRACKS, FOOTBALL⚽️ & CRICKET is my thing as a sport fanatic. I've always LOVED her for her HUMBLENESS, CONSISTENCY & humble with gr8ness..and all that love was genuine, meaning I NEVER KNEW til' NOW she married to a fellow Jamaican brother..Allyson ur awesome❤💯

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