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  1. 1

    That guy is at the bottom of track athlete garbage bin, he is a has been, not relevant to yester-years or contemporary track therefore he needs Usain Bolt's name in his mouth to stay relevant.

  2. 11

    My grandma said the fox look upon the grape tree and it jump and jump to catch the grape and without success it give up and don't want those grapes anyway they are sour.As hard as the fox work it couldn't catch the grape so now him call it sour . See the comparisons , Carl Lewis couldn't come no where near Bolt , so now he opens his poison mouth. Bolt is blessed. Lewis so tinket a man so is, l am going to give you a piece of advice .Go with God.

  3. 13

    The fkn asshole was on drugs in the 80s.. and pointed finger at ben johnson.. and the asshole stil points fingers. Who gives..
    Bolt was and is stil the best for a very long time.

  4. 16

    Carl Lewis needs to keep his CHOPS closed about any and I mean any athletes, in Soule when Ben Johnson was stripped of his gold media, overnight Carl disappeared and he could not even make the American 4x100m relay team because he also was on drugs too.

  5. 19

    Didnt he fail drug tests himself? Shouldnt he be talking about Americans that failed multiple tests got banned and then returned? He should talk about the fact that they are bad for the brand and not be talking bout someone that never failed a single test throughout his career.

  6. 26

    Usain world record hit him so hard,that he's mistaking himself(Carl Lewis) and his former and probably current U.S.A athletes for Usain bolt…not because bolt name start off with the spelling U.S.Ain doesn't mean he's a cheeter

  7. 31

    Carl Lewis wanted to be the top athlete of the century but along came Sir Usain St .Leo Bolt ,the fastest man in the history of track! Carl you're a hater πŸ˜‚ you have no prove that the "Big man" was on Peds you just felt in yourself no man could be that fast only you and you weren't even close to Bolt's track records.

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