Men's 200m – 2023 NCAA outdoor track and field championships

Stanford’s Udodi Onwuzurke won the men’s 200m at the 2023 outdoor and field championships in 19.84 seconds.


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  1. 4

    how can a guy being paid to announce call Oregon "OR AH GONE"??? Only a total and complete moron pronounces Oregon, "OR AH GONE" so embarrassing for anyone to have to listen to morons calling races badly. total disgrace. honestly. what a clown. ugh.

  2. 23

    Damn Boiling didn't make it to any finals this year smh. He had potential, but his mechanics are gross and make it hard not to sustain injuries running crazy. Abby is next if she doesn't fix those crazy arm swings.

  3. 41

    Noticed this guy in 2021 at world juniors when he claimed the title. Noticed him again in 2022 when he took 3rd in the NCAAs. Knew to expect a win from him this year, even with the usual obsession over one Matthew Boling, and he's one of the few predictions that I nailed at these championships. Congratulations Udodi. See you in Budapest.

  4. 47

    Onwuzurike is special, I think he’ll make noise in the 100 and 200 globally in the near future. With him, Knighton and Tebogo among others, the future of sprinting looks bright.

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