Olympian Kate Grace’s 72-Year-Old Mother Shocks Track and Field Community With Hardcore Gym Workout: ‘A Beast’

When athletic prowess is often perceived as reserved for the young, one woman is defying stereotypes and captivating the and field community. Interestingly, Kate Grace’s 72-year-old mother has been making waves across the internet. The major reason behind this is not only her strength, but also her awe-inspiring physique.

Even though most of Kate’s Instagram is filled with her own videos and photos, a recent post featured a workout session with her mother, Kathy Smith. Within a few hours of uploading the post, it managed to garner the attention of most of her spectators.

Kate Grace’s mom exemplifies the adage – age is just a number


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Kathy Smith, at 72, is often willing to join her daughter Kate Grace in her gym workout sessions. In a recent workout session, Kathy Smith showcased her strength as she effortlessly held a plank. Inspired by her mother’s dedication to push boundaries at an old age, Kate shared a glimpse of their workout session on her official Instagram account. “Going to the gym with my mum (she’s 72) is a wild experience.

Back in the 1980s, Kathy was an iconic aerobics instructor and fitness sensation. With the help of her dynamic workout sessions, she was able to reach millions of spectators. However, this was not the only way she reached out to her wide audience. Instead, she also regularly attended talk shows to connect with people.


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As her age increased, so did her determination and love for workouts. Even though she is 72, she is still able to connect with both younger and older generations of people through her intense training regimen. As the glimpse of her plank reached out to a broader audience, they were urged to join the conversation in the comment section.

How did fans appreciate Kathy’s plank prowess?

Moving on, the moment Kathy’s spectators looked at the video, they joined the conversation in the comment section. “Your mom is what’s known as an Elite! No one is coming close to her mobility or strength. Like no one. Trust me girl, we are all working to achieve her level of fitness, not just you, said a diehard fan. From expressing admiration to sharing personal stories of inspiration, Kate’s comments overflowed for the fitness icon. Another fan penned, “Oh, mom ate that terrifying plank up.”Another rambunctious fan said -“Your mom’s a beast”.


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Even those who didn’t know about her historical record left a heartfelt message. Among these, one wrote, I have a new hero!!!“.  “She’s in fabulous shape. Good for her,” replied another fan. While most of the fans appreciated her, some left hilarious comments. I love this so much!! I always tell my patients, I don’t care about age. At last, it has been proved that Grace’s strength is in her DNA.

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