Shericka Jackson breaks 200m Diamond League record in Brussels – Wanda Diamond League

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  1. 3

    No one is beating flo jo record 21.34 it is never gonna be broken but I’m glad women are getting closer and closer to prove that she wasn’t juicing or cheating and it can actually be done with the perfect race start to finish give flo jo her flowers the GWOAT 🐐🌺

  2. 20

    Ahh yes the age old track and field battle between Jamaica and America, with others sprinkled in between. Can you imagine this scenario:
    Miss jackson: 200m WR
    "The Queen" ETH: 100m WR
    Team Jamaica: 4 x 100m women WR
    Interesting, interesting indeed.

  3. 36

    When it’s time for a world record you can’t say you are are going to do it today or tomorrow ….when everything is aligned it will happen … you can’t speak it into being as Lyles found out …. Nam Jamaica

  4. 45

    That 200 metre record will not come down right now especially if Sherika wants to do so…she is trying to hard and not allowing the process to happen naturally and the fear is what if she doesnt break it at all and someonelse does🤔🤔🤔…..

  5. 46

    I think it's best for Jackson not to programmed her mind to run to break the record. Jackson time for the first 100m(10.9s) was faster than the 11.1 that flo jo did when she set the WR. She just need to relax more over the second 100m.

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