Shericka Jackson proves her status as one of the greats in Rome 200m | Performance of the Year

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  1. 16

    I feel like if Shaunae Miller could execute before the bend, she would be contending. As her legs are so long, she runs down everyone easy but that first half needs to be better for it to be effective. I've only ever seen her execute when she first dropped down to the 200 m couple years back and then, after the bend, she just left everyone…she was the only one in the camera shot lol.

  2. 18

    The commentator's statement had me amazed, how do you not reckon in Shericka Jackson as a possible winner, she's only the defending World Champion and one of the fastest 200m runners of all time 😕

  3. 34

    Jamaica, Took 1, 2, and 3 again. Dina is Jamaican ❤ Oh yea Jamaicans are apart of the 12 Tribes of Israel from the Tribe of Benjamin, how Black Americans are from the same Tribe as Jesus Christ Tribe of Judah. This is the Great Awakening Rise Israel! Rise!

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