Why Abby Steiner May Not Return The Same !! | Uncovering Abby Steiner's Injury.

In the year 2022 Abby Steiner truly emerged as one of the most dominant sprinters to ever set foot in collegiate athletics, this after …


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    That truly breaks my heart ❤️. This is why. She is very beautiful and dedicated to perfection in track. She has the mind of a bull, the heart of steel, the mind of a set pace and spirit of will. I admire her sense. She is a true athlete and a person of true value.

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    Excuses Excuses Excuses!!! She has never beaten Sha'carri Richardson head to head in any race, college or professional and Sha'carri is younger than Abby. Gabby Thomas is back from injury and running great. There are several young talented up and coming sprinters that will be showcasing their talents in 2024. So all you and others are doing is getting started early on the Excuses. Look at the video highlights he showed bragging about Abby winning, not a single sprinter in the top 5 was competing in any of those races she won. She's a good sprinter and that's it, nothing more.

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    in some of my dreams… i wake up & Parker Valby or Elle Henes or something or other are my wives & i'm happier than a water duck chasing a june bug i meant to say…. but with the risk of being a bit frank or somewhat of a silver tongued dare-devil & this & that & the other….. come look me up Abby & i will take care of you…. ha ha…. but no seriously…. she is in our prayers, she is a real treasure for sure…. but yeah…. if you don't decide to become the bionic woman…. come find me, i will put you up on a pedestal & let you rock it to the ground… ha ha

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