WVWC track and field teams finish first and third at Bethany

BETHANY — The West Virginia Wesleyan Bobcats and field teams competed in the Bethany Invitational at Bethany College on Saturday, Mar. 16. The men’s team came in first place with a score of 165 and the women’s team was third, scoring 124 points.

Several Bobcats finished in the top three in many of the day’s events including:

100 Meters Collegiate – Finals

  1. Taiwo Babawale-Thropp 11.15a (-0.4) West Virginia Wesleyan
  2. Aidan McMahon 11.16a (-0.4)PR California (Pa.)
  3. Isaiah Mathews 11.17a (-0.4)SR Waynesburg

200 Meters Collegiate – Finals

  1. Royell Salmon 22.49a (-1.4)PR West Virginia Wesleyan
  2. Dez Lewis 22.59a (-1.4)SR Geneva
  3. Caliyph McClinton 22.72a (0.5)PR Bethany (W.Va.)

400 Meters Collegiate – Finals

  1. Ibrahim Fall 50.02aPR Wheeling
  2. Sterlin Thropp 50.28aSR West Virginia Wesleyan
  3. Abdul Griggs 51.25aPR California (Pa.)

1500 Meters Collegiate – Finals

  1. Matt Beuermann 4:05.63aPR Thiel
  2. Quintin Weaver 4:07.00aPR Waynesburg
  3. Cade Robinson 4:09.87aSR West Virginia Wesleyan

10,000 Meters Collegiate – Finals

  1. Anthony Sanders 32:00.54aPR West Virginia Wesleyan
  2. Evan Pyles 32:32.62aPR West Virginia Wesleyan
  3. Nolan Pernia 32:37.46aPR University of Pittsburgh

3k Steeplechase Collegiate – Finals

  1. Karter Reath 9:52.24aSR Geneva
  2. Elijah Hannig 10:19.05aSR West Virginia Wesleyan
  3. Peyton Slider 10:29.07aPR West Virginia Wesleyan

Discus – 2kg Collegiate – Finals

  1. Ryan Lenhart 46.71mPR Grove City
  2. Roman Moore 44.67mSR West Virginia Wesleyan
  3. Joshua Fancher 41.42mSR West Liberty State

Long Jump Collegiate – Finals

  1. Royell Salmon 6.82mPR West Virginia Wesleyan
  2. Dave Rene 6.43mPR Bethany (W.Va.)
  3. Michael Hansford 6.42mPR West Virginia Wesleyan

Triple Jump Collegiate – Finals

  1. Michael Hansford 14.46mPR West Virginia Wesleyan
  2. Nick Petucci 13.22mPR Grove City
  3. Royell Salmon 12.28mPR West Virginia Wesleyan

Hammer Collegiate – Finals

  1. John Brown 47.33mPR West Liberty State
  2. Joshua Fancher 45.07mPR West Liberty State
  3. Jordan Lopez 42.54mPR West Virginia Wesleyan

100 Meters Collegiate – Finals

  1. Ayanna Woods 13.04a (-1.1) West Virginia Wesleyan
  2. Abbe Stackpole 13.14a (-1.1)SR West Liberty State
  3. Jenna Zendron 13.20a (-1.1) Westminster (Pa.)

100 Meters Collegiate – Prelims

  1. Jessica Fatigati 12.65a (0.7)SR Westminster (Pa.)
  2. Emma Rudolph 12.79a (-0.9)SR Westminster (Pa.)
  3. Ayanna Woods 12.95a (-1.4)PR West Virginia Wesleyan

400 Meters Collegiate – Finals

  1. Dakota Johnson 59.28aPR West Virginia Wesleyan
  2. Taylor Timmons 1:00.01aSR California (Pa.)
  3. Jenay Soumahro 1:01.62aPR Wheeling

10,000 Meters Collegiate – Finals

  1. Morgan Lesnansky 41:12.08aPR West Liberty State
  2. Alyssa Kelleher 45:18.70aSR West Virginia Wesleyan

100m Hurdles Collegiate – Finals

  1. Isha Sesay 15.07a (0.8)SR Wheeling
  2. Samantha Cash 15.20a (0.8)SR West Virginia Wesleyan
  3. Kailee Bunyard 15.50a (0.8) California (Pa.)

400m Hurdles Collegiate – Finals

  1. Samantha Cash 1:05.03aSR West Virginia Wesleyan
  2. Aubrey Wiethe 1:05.78aSR West Virginia Wesleyan
  3. Breannda Davis 1:08.94aSR Westminster (Pa.)

3k Steeplechase Collegiate – Finals

  1. Leigha Hall 11:18.40aPR West Virginia Wesleyan
  2. Zara Zervos 11:53.73aPR Unattached
  3. Catherine O’Donnell 12:50.18aPR Geneva

4×400 Relay Collegiate – Finals

  1. Aubrey Wiethe, Marimo Akita, Ayanna Woods, Dakota Johnson 4:08.73a West Virginia Wesleyan College
  2. Taylor Timmons, Bekah Priano, Gabriella Fralin, Alessandra Peccon 4:15.13a California (Pa.) – A
  3. Jessica Fatigati, Emma Rudolph, Caitlyn Goodrich, Breannda Davis 4:19.0 Westminster

Shot Put Collegiate – Finals

  1. Lexi Shiderly 12.77mSR Westminster (Pa.)
  2. Mallory McGinnis 11.66mPR West Virginia Wesleyan
  3. Megan Wise 11.27mPR Grove City

Pole Vault Collegiate – Finals

  1. Missy Treharn 3.40mPR Westminster (Pa.)
  2. Abby McDonough 3.00mPR West Virginia Wesleyan
  3. Kara Yaukey 2.80mPR Waynesburg

Triple Jump Collegiate – Finals

  1. Samantha Cash 11.60mSR West Virginia Wesleyan
  2. Skylar Riedel 10.62mSR California (Pa.)
  3. Emma Parnell 10.53m Geneva

Hammer Collegiate – Finals

  1. Jing McCann 44.40mSR California (Pa.)
  2. Alexis Mahaffey 40.68mPR Bethany (W.Va.)
  3. Samya Tuggle 38.94mPR West Virginia Wesleyan

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